The Problem of Evil and Its Origin III

Imagine a couple of angels in heaven having a whispered conversation just outside the pearly gates. One angel whispers to the other, “You know, I’m not so sure anymore that God is as loving and kind as He makes Himself out to be. You know what I just heard. . . .?” As the other angel leans forward to hear the juicy tidbit a lightning bolt flashes out of the sky and vaporizes the complaining angel.
Stunned, the other angel seeks out an old friend. “You won’t believe what I just saw! Charleburt was just saying some negative stuff about God and got vaporized by lightning, just like that! You know, maybe he was right. Maybe God isn’t so loving and kind as He makes Himself out to be.” And at that instant another bolt of lightning flashes out of the sky and vaporizes the second angel.
If this kind of thing were to go on for long, what would all the angels be doing? Looking for lightning bolts, worried that they will be next! It would be the end of love and the beginning of fear in their relationship with God. From that time on they would do the right thing and say the right thing, not out of love for God, but out of fear. So eliminating evil the instant it occurs was not an option for a God of love.
A second option for dealing with rebellion would be to sanction it. God could change His law and character to reflect the new realities in the universe. Everybody would be allowed to do whatever they wanted. But this too would be the end of genuine love. It would result in anarchy, “every man for himself.” Evil would become the reigning doctrine in the universe and a destructive chaos would be the result. Injustice would reach even greater proportions than what we now experience, as everyone sought to take what they could from others. Sanctioning rebellion, therefore, was not an option for a God of justice.
As powerful as God was and is, therefore, the options for dealing with the consequences of freedom were not many. What was God to do? The Bible offers the answer, which we will cover in the next blog.

2 thoughts on “The Problem of Evil and Its Origin III

  1. Martin Mokaya

    Inspiring article.May ALL WHO DESIRE TO INHERIT GOD’S EVERLASTING KINGDOM WALK EVERY MOMENT WITH HIS BELOVED ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS CHRIST WHO WAS ALIVE FROM THE BEGINNING WITH THE LORD( Proverbs 8:22),LIVED,WAS DEAD & IS ALIVE FOR EVERMORE(Revelation 1:13,18;Matt.27:50;28:6-9;Mark 15:37;Mark 16:6-9;Luke 23:46;Luke 24:6-9;John 19:30-36;John 20:12-20).
    There is no SCRIPTURAL BASIS for the date 25TH DECEMBER for the BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST.


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