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I have exciting news. For a little over a year now I have been editing a famous series of lectures (1984) called “Conversations About God” by Graham Maxwell. These 20 lectures were each followed by questions and answers with Lou Venden, pastor of the LLU Church at the time. This series most articulately sums up Maxwell’s theology of the Great Controversy over the character and government of God, but has never come out in print due to it’s oral nature. With the encouragement of his family and a close friend of his, I have been going through the lectures, updating and editing them into language more appropriate to book form than the original. While publication is still probably a year or more away, I have just received permission to publish excerpts in my blog, which I will begin to do in the next week. For those who knew him, this will be a wonderful reminder. For those who have never heard or read him, you will be amazed at his passion for God and the clarity of his vision. Feedback is not only welcome, it will be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned.

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  1. Wizie Lontuni

    Sir, I would like to have one copy. And if posible I also plan to ask for permision of translating this wonderful book then. Thanks and may God bless your effort.

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Good to hear from you Wizie. I’m sure that can be arranged. Don’t know when we can finish, as there is editorial control that is on a different timeline than my part, but I would hope the book would be done by the middle of 2018. I will announce it here. Please remind me to send you a copy when the time comes.

  2. Louis Johnson

    Hi Jon,

    This is wonderful news! I knew Graham! I attended his Sabbath school and sat in on every one of the “Conversations about God” and also as a participant in the audience questions. He blew my mind! My wife listened to him and went from an agnostic to a lover of God! We have just stated another “book by book” bible study here in the Middle East and love it! I look forward to your project and pray that God works His wonders through you and keeps. you in His loving care. Peace and eternal love to you my brother!

    Kindly yours,

    Louis Johnson

  3. Ralph Wood

    Thanks Jon. I have been listening to the CAG presentions from Pine Knoll. When I was a student at LLU many moons ago I would attend his SS classes. It was one of the highlights of the week.

  4. Owen Bandy

    This is really good news. Graham’s insights have been a blessing to me from the early days of my ministry. Looking forward to it.

  5. Edwin Racine

    Dr. Paulien,
    This is such good news; the best, by far, I’ve heard in quite some time. Graham Maxwell would be pleased. Maxwell’s laser like focus on the truth about God more than qualifies him to have been called a “modern day prophet.” So sad, when I think how the chief elders so poorly treated him. I believe, in the earth made new, our heavenly Father will invite Graham to speak; joining on the dais with other of God’s friends who have said what was right about Him.
    God has blessed you. I, along with many others, look forward to reading your edits; ultimately purchasing your book.
    Edwin (Bud) Racine


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