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Friends, I just went deep into the blog site and discovered that eight months of comments had not been approved or responded to. My web master has had a lot of things to deal with recently and has not been able to play that role. It never occurred to me that I could or should approve comments on a regular basis to keep things flowing. My apologies. I have responded to nearly every comment now and hope that you will forgive the delay. I appreciate this online community very much.

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  1. Ranald McLeish

    Re Issues with the blog site, I am slowly catching up on reading the replies and I wonder if there is an alternative position regarding changes to the Fundamental Beliefs, and your suggestion re Prov 4:18 below.

    “There are now five (or six) versions of the FBs. 1872, 1889, 1931, 1980 and 2015 (one was added in 2005). Those who wrote the 1872 one would probably have difficulty with some of the current ones. But in my mind that could be a fulfillment of Prov 4:18.”

    For Instance the Pioneers applied Daniel 8:9-11 to Rome, the crucifixion of Christ, and the destruction of the earthly temple. The current church teaching, and consequently the current alternative interpretation of FB 24 applies Daniel 8:9-12 to the Papacy only. cf. 4BC, 12BC, and recent SS Lessons (cf. 2002, 2004, 2006 re Daniel 8).

    If the 2,300 years apply to the “persecuting rule of the Papacy” (SS Lesson 2002,) and Rome is not present in Daniel 8, (Pfandl), it appears the Pioneer interpretation of FB 24 is history.

    ” — only one power in history fits the description of the little horn – the Roman Catholic Church. Pfandl, Daniel, p. 63. “If God had wanted to describe two different powers, He could have chosen a different symbol, but He did not because both refer to the same power.” Pfandl, BRI, Email, 27/09/2011. “Martin Probstle, a former student of mine, wrote his dissertation on Daniel 8:9-14. He concluded that in Daniel 8 not only is Babylon missing but also pagan Rome. He sees the little horn in both chapters describing only the papacy; and the textual evidence seems to support him.” Pfandl, for BRI, email, 23/08/2011.

    I look forward to your comments re the current church teaching/s regarding Daniel 8:9-14 when you address FB 24.


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