Some Practical Thoughts on Armageddon (Plagues 8)

1. In the midst of the Battle of Armageddon account (Rev. 16:13-16) is a blessing on the one who keeps watch and hangs onto his clothes (16:15). This verse is a clear allusion to Revelation 3:18, the warning of Christ to Laodicea (see comments on Revelation 3:17-18). There are four major words in Revelation 16:15 that are found together in only one other place in the Bible, Revelation 3:17-18. These are the Greek words for seeing, clothes, shame and nakedness. You will find all four concepts in the story of the Fall (Gen. 3:6-15) but not all of the specific words. So there is a specific and clear connection between the message to the church of Laodicea God’s final call to the world in the context of Armageddon. This indicates that the church that will pass through the final crisis of earth’s history will be seriously flawed, but very much the object of Jesus’ solicitude. This should be a source of both warning and encouragement to God’s people today.

2. In one single verse (Rev. 16:15) John brings together a variety of New Testament appeals in light of the End. Both “I come like a thief” and “Blessed is he who stays awake” echo statements of Jesus and are further echoed by Paul (Matt. 24:42-44; Luke 12:37-39; 1 Thess. 5:1-6). All three of these passages are about readiness for the coming of Jesus. By echoing these concepts in the middle of the Battle of Armageddon, the Book of Revelation makes it clear that the military language of Revelation is not to be taken in a military way. The Battle of Armageddon is a battle for the mind.
In the final battle of earth’s history, it is our spiritual task to keep watch over our attitudes, thoughts, and behavior, and to remain faithful no matter the deception or the coercion we may face. There is a need for both faithful endurance and discernment, fortified with the words of Jesus in the gospels, Paul in the epistles, and Jesus’ message to Laodicea. When we choose to be faithful today in the midst of various temptations, we are being prepared for even greater battles at the end of time.

4 thoughts on “Some Practical Thoughts on Armageddon (Plagues 8)


    I believe in Yahushua Jesus and believe those who believe should say His Name according to His will.

    I celebrate the feasts sabbaths, and believe in His Spirit is with believers. I believe we are in a matrix, and that there are demons who masqaurade as human to attempt to get humans to agree to be punished, and they use EXTREMELY TRICKY agreements as to trick humanity. Do you want it hot? then if you say yes then attempt to say you agreed that you want it HOT in HLL. Do you want to the club? then attempt to say you agreed that they clubbed you. They use so many tricky agreements.

    There is more that they are doing and people need to USE THE FULL ARMOR OF GOD and SCRIPTURE to protect themselves. I would have NO AGREEMENT WITH THE WORLD and I would never SAY YESS!

    1. Doris

      You obviously only believe your own made up doctrines, because nothing you stated is Biblical. The feasts were all a foreshadow of Christ Jesus. I speak English and use the name I am familiar with. You believe in salvation by Holy name, it appears. If you believe we are in a matrix, then you believe we are in some computer make-believe game. I really fear for you because you are truly so delusional and don’t have the first understanding of the beautiful harmonizing principles, themes and concepts contained in God’s Word. You seem more preoccupied with demons than God. I pray that you will open your mind to God and let his truths wash over you. I constantly need the same myself.

  2. Ashlee

    I am not agreeing to torture or punishment from any demons. I believe in Yahushua and do not watch any video games, and am not by people who violent or talk about any type of violence or death. The demons do not get to let me know.

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