Sabbath School Series on Revelation Begins Next Week

Each week this coming quarter I plan to post three things (God willing); my “Teacher’s Edition” comments on the main lesson in pre-edited form, my analysis of the changes in my TE comments introduced in the editorial process and their theological significance (if any), and Ranko Stefanovic’s analysis of the changes introduced into the main lesson that he wrote, along with his original. The purpose of these three postings each week is to assist students and teachers in their understanding of the issues related to each week’s lesson.

If you don’t like some of the changes the editors made, I’d prefer you didn’t blame Cliff Goldstein personally. While he is the editor of record, there are large committees that approve the lessons and on a subject like Revelation there will be many hardline opinions to wrestle with. In addition, sometimes after a manuscript is approved, even “higher” authorities may assert themselves into the text, and that temptation is especially strong with a subject like the Book of Revelation. But overall, most of what I wrote did get through and what was changed can be clarified in this blog series. I hope you will find this helpful for your own study and teaching of the Adult Bible Study Guides for next quarter. For those who don’t have access to the standard printed edition of the Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide or the Teacher’s Edition for this quarter, you can access them online week by week at You can also download audio of me teaching the lesson ahead of time each week at

On Monday next week, I plan to post (linked on both Twitter and Facebook) my Teacher’s Edition comments in their pre-edited form, for those who would like to view them or compare with the edited version. On Tuesday I plan to post my analysis of the changes made in next week’s Teacher’s Edition. On Thursday I plan to post Ranko Stefanovic’s original manuscript for the standard Sabbath School lesson for the week along with a few comments from him on the changes made. If you take advantage of these resources, you should be well prepared.

6 thoughts on “Sabbath School Series on Revelation Begins Next Week

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  2. Greg R. Paul

    Love your insights Dr. Paulien. Thank you, I and have read Ranko’s work in “Revelation of Jesus Christ” and am interested in hearing about some of the changes. as I have learned that some of our traditional understandings in regards to the “literal” interpretation of Johns numeric symbols disturbs some who have dogmatic views to say the least. I have had some issues with some in this regard when trying to suggest, with some good evidence, about the true meaning of this end time group that are seen as “going through” the hour of temptation vs. those seen as having “been through” the ordeal. Blessings brother in Christ, and thanks for sharing for the rest of us.

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