What Genuine Peace Cost (20:3)

Jesus brought peace, not by assuring us that He would be our friend in court, but by showing us there is no need for Him to plead with the Father in our behalf, for the Father is just as much our friend. The only way to set us right, keep us right, and restore us back to peace with God, was for Jesus to demonstrate, at great cost, the truth about His Father. As one of God’s best friends has expressed: “. . . the whole purpose of [Christ’s] own mission on earth [was] to set men right through the revelation of God” (Ellen G. White, “God Made Manifest in Christ,” Signs of the Times, January 20, 1890). This is the great truth that sets us free. This is the truth that brings everlasting peace throughout the universe.

We know what it cost to demonstrate this truth. You may recall Chapter Eight, “The Most Costly and Convincing Evidence,” the chapter about the meaning of Christ’s suffering and death. There we looked at Colossians: “Through him God chose to reconcile the whole universe to himself, making peace through the shedding of his blood upon the cross.” Col 1:20, NEB. Christ died for the whole universe, even for the loyal angels, to answer their questions.

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