Corona Virus and Prophecy

I have been hesitant to speak out on the new corona virus (COVID-19) and its potential implications for prophecy and vice versa. There is so much that we don’t know yet. But with a total lockdown in the state of California and many other places (leaving the house only for exercise and food gathering), people are anxious and want to know if I have any advice.

First of all, take a deep breath and get some perspective. COVID-19 has sadly led to thousands of premature deaths, but it still pales in significance to the Spanish Flu of a hundred years ago. That resulted in 50-100 million deaths all around the world, at a time when world population was less than two billion (it is close to eight billion today). And beyond that is the Black Plague, which is estimated to have killed 75 to 200 million people (1347-1351 AD) at a time when world population was less than 500 million. That is a ratio of one in three, more or less. So while the current situation is very serious, in human terms, it is not yet at the level of what one might call “apocalyptic proportions.”

The Hebrew word for contagious disease or pandemic is dever. It occurs around fifty times in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). The root word has the meaning of “destroying” and it came to have the meaning of “pestilence” or “plague,” hence the association with contagious disease, and often associated with animals; “cattle disease” (Exod 9:3). It was how God planned to scare off the Canaanites so Israel wouldn’t have to fight to enter the promised land (Num 14:12). It is was also a consequence of disrespecting the covenant, often associated with war and famine in the famous trio: war, famine and pestilence (Lev 26:25; Jer 24:10; Ezek 14:12-21). The three together portray the siege of a city. War drives a people inside the walls, famine follows and the end-result is contagious disease followed by exile (Lev 26:21-26; Jer 21:6-9; Ezek 7:15). This dever is not portrayed as an active punishment from God, but rather as the consequence of disobedience, which results in a loss of God’s protection (Jer 27:13; 32:24; 34:17; 38:2).

The Greek Bible (New Testament) has less to say about contagious disease. Luke 21:11 associates pestilence (Greek: loimos, loimoi) with earthquakes, famines and heavenly signs that would occur at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Late Greek manuscripts include pestilence in Matthew 24:7, probably because of familiarity with the Lucan wording. In other words, loimos/loimoi is one of the consequences of the siege of Jerusalem by Titus. The word is also used metaphorically in Acts 24:5, as in, “This Paul is such a pest.” The only other text in the New Testament that contains a word often translated “pestilence” is Revelation 6:8. The rider on the pale horse is given authority over a fourth of the earth, to smite with sword, famine, and pestilence (Greek: thanatos—a common word for “death” and the usual translation of dever in the Greek OT). In historicist SDA interpretation, Revelation 6:8 is not a sign of the end but something common to the whole age between the opening of the scroll and the Second Coming. The one end-time text that would seem at all relevant here is Revelation 16:2, which speaks of sores afflicting those who had the mark of the beast. While these sores are serious, the biblical words for contagious disease or pandemic are not used.

The short conclusion of this biblical study is two-fold. Pandemic is neither a “sign of the end” nor a direct, active punishment of God, but it is one of the consequences of sin in the broadest sense. In the OT contexts, it was a condition that could and should be alleviated by human action (Jer 27:13; 38:2). The most practical remedy offered for contagious disease in the Bible is social isolation (Num 5:1-4; see also Num 12:10-15 and Lev 13:45-46), the very thing many of us are now experiencing. To put it plainly, Bible prophecy does not indicate that pandemic is a key element of the “signs of the End,” neither does it rule it out as one of the troubles of the End.
Having said all this, prophecy clearly indicates that panic is one characteristic of the final events (Luke 21:25-26). Could COVID-19 lead to eschatological levels of panic? I am not a prophet, an economist, or a scientist, so take the following with a grain of salt. COVID-19, as we experience it, could get a whole lot worse, killing (in the worst case scenario publically stated) as many as two million Americans. That would put it in Spanish flu territory, but not Black Plague numbers. The greatest concern would not be the current virus, but a mutation of the virus into something even more dangerous. This possibility is something to watch closely, but is not likely (I am open to correction on this from scientific sources, not internet speculation). Viruses tend to decrease in potency over time rather than increase. And due to lack of widespread testing, the death rate is probably much lower than 3% right now, as many people who have COVID-19 don’t even know it. In South Korea, where testing is widespread, it is 0.7%. Current numbers for Germany (another nation ahead of the curve) are 0.3%, one-tenth of the rate reported in China and Italy (75 deaths out of 21,000 reported cases). In the USA, the current rate is about 1.2%.

My greater concern is the economic fallout of social isolation over many months (if that proves necessary). Worst-case estimates are that unemployment could reach 20% or more in the USA if the lockdowns last 6-12 months. This could trigger another Great Depression. Given the panic buying already occurring, the social order in a Facebook, post-Christian world could easily break down, leading to rioting, looting and other consequences. Among the likely consequences would be the end of face to face higher education as we know it, a long-term decline in tourism and international travel, a major decline of the restaurant industry and in–person retail, and a serious increase in perceived anti-Christian persecution in this country. In the words of Jesus, “stay awake, because you don’t know. . . .” Matt 24:42.

If you want my speculation–for what it is worth, and it isn’t much–I think a couple years from now, we will consider the current, global response to COVID-19 an over-reaction. But since we will never know if that is really true, I am glad we are doing what we are doing, just in case. But even if we find ourselves in the Kingdom a couple years from now (whether through death or the Second Coming), no one will complain that they are missing out on all the excitement here below.

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  1. EJ Carlton Jr

    Thank you Dr. Pauline. Comforting and encouraging for a worried world. We agree and add “…come quickly Lord Jesus.”

  2. Kent Johnson

    Thank you for your thoughts regarding the corona virus. Just wondering if the scripture reference of Jeremiah 32:14 at the end of the third paragraph is correct? Should it be verse 24?

  3. willborn gondolos

    “The most practical remedy offered for contagious disease in the Bible is social isolation…”
    Thanks Dr Paulien, encouraging…

  4. Dan L. Kelly

    Good to hear from you, cogent and reassuring as always.

    The way you close ina reminder of M.L. Andreason’s terse comment when asked how he was doing. He said, “I am immortal until God is finished with me!” I have adopted that.

    Since you wrote this, there as been an interesting development that you may, or may not, have heard yet. Dr. Rualt (South of France) has run a Controlled test on 40 infected patients using Chloroquine and Azithromicin in tandem with immediate observable results and complete eradication of the virus after six (6) days. Here’s the link to his condensed report FYI.

    Thanks again. I will share with Pastor J.P. O’Connor With your permission.

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Yes, I did hear that, but don’t plan on being a site that constantly follows this issue. I am following it myself and encourage others to pay attention to CDC, Johns Hopkins and other reliable sites.

  5. Victor Lee

    Thanks Jon for linking us to source of much needed “anchor of stability and pillar of hope” — the Word! I’ve just read CNN’s on line piece on COVID, Revelation and doomsday panic,
    Turning people back to the Bible afresh should be a fortuitous effect here… My son, Daniel, had his youth evangelism training cut short for social isolation, as he was travelling back home, we spoke on the phone last night. I said, “I’m thinking how the Bible was written for Jesus to read… And angels.” He replied, “Oh, hey… Never thought of it that way… ” Where will this take us? A good place, I pray, with your friends in Borneo.

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Always good to hear from you, Victor. A couple of my books read like that article. 🙂 Hope things are relatively safe in Borneo. We are fine here, it’s like a staycation or sabatical. Can’t complain.

  6. Lorraine Ferris

    Thank you, Dr Paulien, for such an insightful & balanced article. A breath of fresh air!

  7. DeAnna

    Thank you brother your words have great meaning and wisdom of Truth. So blessed to have you are a part of our family hope to see you and sister soon.

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Dee, great to hear from you. These are interesting times. Hope you are feeling safe and have the supplies you need. We are fine here.

  8. George W Brown

    A very cogent, thought-provoking and informative discourse on the Coronavirus pandemic.
    George W Brown

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Thanks much. My webmaster said I needed to say something about it, so I hit the Scriptures and came up with that. Further research has not uncovered further texts of interest, so I’ll stick with the blog. 🙂

    2. Kemboi Chesimet

      “and a serious increase in perceived anti-Christian persecution”. This was telling. Jon how’s this coming to play in the present climate?

      1. Jon Paulien Post author

        Conservative Christians often take public positions that are not central to the gospel, and also make no sense to the larger public (gay conversion, for example). This has brought Christian faith into disrepute in a “Christian” country with the new generation. Increase of government power leads to focus on those parts of society not “going along.” Many conservative Christians are anti-vaccinations. If govt requires these to buy or sell. . .

        1. Anna Howard

          I’m thankful Rabbi Yeshua aka Jesus was not Christian. It’s apparent in today’s world when it comes to God, who and what this being is is beyond humanities comprehension. Nobody has a clue. It’s offensive to use the Books of Moses and claim that was Jesus in those books. Jesus is a Greek name which means hail Zeus.

        1. Kemboi

          Jon, the article in NY was an echoing piece that confirms what I encounter those of progressive and elite thoughts. The old mantra “religion is the opium for the masses” or as Ventura would ” say religion is for sissies” , as come full cycle. Christian PR, from Waco, Guyana , Pat Buchanan seeing Katrina as God’s punishment on gays in New Orleans, has not helped the God case for most of us. So ask, how do change the narrative and backlash when we teach God’s Divine Retribution”. A teaching I have a hard time accepting? That the Lamb killed by violence has to resort to hardcore brutal methods to get human attention, may not help our stand on the issue of suffering and pandemic.

          1. Jon Paulien Post author

            I agree, much of the criticism is deserved, although I think things are moving to the opposite extreme. It was a central feature of the Adventist message from the beginning calling for a reconsideration of doctrines like hellfire that completely undermined the good news of God’s love. And who needs divine retribution when sin is so inherently self-destructive? The only sensible starting point for Christian witness in such a context is an apology. Secular people are surprisingly forgiving when the proper contrition is shown.

  9. René Bidstrup

    Hi Dr Paulien.

    We are in Denmark, like the rest of the world in the midst of this pandemic.

    I read the blog ‘Corona Virus and Prophecy’ – and I would like to ask permission to translate it and repost it in the danish tongue on our official church site’s blog? There would of course be a reference and a link to your blog.

    René Bidstrup, Youth Pastor, Danish Union of Churches

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  11. Bill Dudgeon III

    Hi Dr. Paulien, just wondering if you could clarify the following from your writing:

    “But even if we find ourselves in the Kingdom a couple years from now (whether through death or the Second Coming), no one will complain that they are missing out on all the excitement here below”.

    Are you saying we can enter the Kingdom through dying? That is, going straight to heaven when we die? Thank you for this article, it is helpful and insightful.

      1. Bill Dudgeon III

        No. But, the way it is written some may construe it that way. As a pastor, I want to share this article. However, those last sentences are a little confusing and some may read it and think he is saying that. Just trying to be proactive, my friend. No offense to Dr. Paulien was meant. Just want to make sure no one else would think that is what he was saying.

        1. Jon Paulien Post author

          I only meant that in the SDA understanding, the next thing you see after you die is the face of Jesus, there is no consciousness in between. If that happens to me in a couple of years, I would have no complaints. But I’m happy to serve here as long as He wants me to.

  12. George Talbot

    Very good approach about the current pandemic episode. We spent to much time trying to understand the present and future instead to focus on the glorious pass when God become human to save us living a perfect live in our behave and dying in our behave.

  13. Anna Howard

    The Covid outbreak is due to humanities ignorance on believing they could create this virus and keep it contained. The situation is getting worse because we are extremely over populated. This is not God punishing Sinners, this is humanities own doing. Every thing that is coming to us, we brought on ourselves. It’s confusing when you quote from the Books of Moses aka the Old Testament and you put Jesus in the Hebrew bible. That’s like saying Allah is Jesus, also use his real name. Rabbi Yeshua the one and only I am. Trust me when I say God does not have human emotions, God is eternal. Humainty screwed ourselves over. Do not bring God into our mess and blame Yeshua for the world we live in. We did this to ourselves.

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