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The Blog: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

I thought I’d take a moment and let you know where we are with the various blogs and series that have happened this last year and moving forward. In 2017 I began sharing the book I was working on, summarizing the ideas of Graham Maxwell’s series Conversations About God. I covered the first ten of the twenty chapters about a month at a time, but then put that series on hold so I could share a series on the theology (big picture) of Revelation through much of 2018. More recently I shared three timely series: One on LGBTIQ and the Church, one on the actions at the Annual Council of SDAs, and a series of introductory overviews of the book of Revelation. All three of these have been completed. So it is time to get back to Maxwell series and finish it. But since the first ten chapters were done more than a year ago, I will begin summarizing the first ten chapters briefly before sharing chapters 11-20 in full. Expect the first of these summaries shortly. But that series will intersperse with another in the first quarter of 2019.

I had the opportunity recently to write the Teacher’s Guide to the First Quarter Adult Bible Study Guide on Revelation. The primary author of the lessons was my former student Ranko Stefanovic. If all goes as planned, expect the following each week in the First Quarter of 2019. A blog that provides my original teacher’s helps for the following Sabbath. A blog that summarizes all the changes that the editors introduced to my teacher’s helps. And, if all goes as planned, a blog from Ranko Stefanovic outlining the changes that were done to his lesson study. We imply no evil intent here, we just think it would be helpful to teachers and students around the world to know what the original authors were thinking and how things changed in the editorial process. Sometimes you will think the editors messed us up, other times you will see that they made things better. And by highlighting these things, you will be the best prepared people when these lessons are studied around the world.

Since that will be a lot of material each week, it makes sense that I postpone the start of chapter 11 of the Maxwell series until after the first quarter of 2019. The goal will be to provide the rest of the Maxwell material to you over the course of 2019.

Hope that helps you know where we’ve been and where we’re going.