Some spiritual Lessons from Rev 17 and 18 (Judgment 6)

In a passage to focused on the events of the end-time, life applications can be difficult to find. The following suggestions may be helpful.

1. What are the implications for today in the fact that God has His people in the midst of Babylon almost to the very end (Rev. 18:4)? The realization that end-time Babylon has a Christian face should not lead us to harsh and disparaging statements aimed at Catholics or others (see statements from Ellen White in Evangelism, 575). While the Jewish religious leaders and the Zealots both opposed the mission of Jesus, He nevertheless dealt graciously with individual representatives of those groups (Luke 6:15; Mark 12:28-24). Even the evil system of ancient Babylon had a Nebuchadnezzar in it!

2. What are the similarities and differences between the women of Revelation 12 and 17? What can we learn from these comparisons? There are startling similarities between the women of Revelation 12 and 17. Both are women located in the wilderness (Rev. 12:6,14; 17:3). Both are religious in nature (prostitute Babylon is dressed like the High Priest in 17:4). But the woman of Revelation 12 is the church as seen in the middle period of Christian history, the 1260 day/years. What causes John amazement is that the end-time opponent of God and His people wears a Christian face! This should sober all who follow Jesus. Our pride and stubbornness (unwillingness to change even when things aren’t working well) can lead us to destruction even when we think we are following God (John 16:2).

2 thoughts on “Some spiritual Lessons from Rev 17 and 18 (Judgment 6)

  1. Karl Wagner

    I like the phrase, “end-time Babylon has a Christian face.” I like to say, it’s a symbol of all religion gone bad. If we make it all about Catholics, I think we are setting ourselves up to be deceived. After all, if we aren’t Catholic, then we must be safe and good to go. That’s a bad place to be in.

    1. Jon Paulien Post author

      Good points. I see medieval Babylon as the “poster child” for religion gone bad. Since religions tend to go bad it is a warning for all.


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